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Asaf really took the time and listened to what my needs were to create something I have been wanting for a long time. I have been blown away by how incredibly helpful and awesome he has been to work with.

Jeremy T Grant, Founder, The Timber Cross

jeremy t grant

Well, to me it was more of the inside, because owning a business is just not opening something and speaking to customers or getting those customers to like you or competing with your competitors. There's always more to it... where do you see yourself in ten years from now ... it was more like seeing the bigger picture of the business ... expanded that thought and mindset.

Jeremy T Grant, Founder, The Timber Cross

Working with Boch Creative on rebranding our nonprofit has been a wonderful and seamless experience.  Asaf was able to translate our vision into reality very quickly, even when we weren’t completely sure what that vision should look like.  He is passionate and knowledgeable, offering solutions to problems that have already greatly increased efficiency...  We are grateful for his partnership and help in propelling our mission and business to the next level.

Rod Miller, Executive Director, YDA

I really went from I hope this is worth it to did I pay enough. Asaf shattered my expectations because he listened. It wasn’t about what he was used to doing or what he wanted. It was all about SAKAB and what the best way forward looks like. He gave advice AND took my suggestions! Asaf is the mark of a true professional and I look forward to many more projects with Boch Creative.

Jeremy T Grant, Founder, The Timber Cross

andre booker

Professional. Delivered on commitments. Presented options. Had opinions. Open to mine. Stayed on budget. 
Highly recommend.

Kenny Schultz, Realtor, Century 21

kenny schultz

It was great working with Asaf, he was quick to reply. My logo looks great! He really did a great job with the design and definitely understood what I was looking for and made me a few options to pick from for my logo! I will definitely be working with Asaf in the future!

Jeremy T Grant, Founder, The Timber Cross

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